Up Your Sales Contest Game in 2018!


What are your favorite Sales Team Competitions and Prizes? Here is a quick list of 4 creative contests that will energize and impress your team.

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Sales Squares

Time to Prepare: 10 minutes

Duration of Contest: Typically 1 day to 1 week

Number of Recommended Prizes: 4+

If you know how to do Superbowl Squares, this one is easy! Grab a poster board and create a 10×10 grid, producing 100 squares. Randomly assign numbers 0-9 across the top and 0-9 across the side (we recommend assigning numbers up front so that the team is trying to earn their favorite numbers).

Announce what the prizes are and how reps can earn squares. For example, if you’re pushing call volume that day, give a square for every 10 calls or 3 conversations. If the rep earns a square they should put their name in it (pick an empty one until grid is filled).

When the grid is full grab two cups and number pieces of paper 0-9 for each cup. Designate a cup for the Top number and a cup for the Side number. Pull a number from each cup and find your winner on the grid! Repeat until prizes are gone.


Time to Prepare: 30 minutes plus wait time to order pull-tabs.

Duration of Contest: 1 week to 3 months depending on size of Sales team

Number of recommended prizes: Determined by which type of pull-tabs you purchase.

Pull-tabs are a personal favorite! First thing you need to do is order a box of pull-tabs. Depending on how many you want to purchase, a ‘deal’ which includes thousands of pull-tabs should cost you less than $100. When purchasing review carefully what the prizes are and ensure that you have the budget to cover the winnings. Sites like www.pull-tabs.com have a lot of options!

Announce to your team what they earn pull-tabs for. As an example they could earn 10 for every day they create at least 1 new opportunity and 25 for each closed deal. I’ve always given Managers a bunch of pull-tabs as well to hand out as they see fit.

When they’re gone they’re gone! You should get an 8×10 paper that shows the winnings and it is fun to tape up and cross off as the team wins to keep everyone engaged.

Sales Auction

Time to Prepare: 2-3 hours

Duration of Contest: 1-3 months

Number of Recommended Prizes: 15+

Your team will have a ton of fun at the Auction! This one takes a little more preparation but is definitely worth it.

Print out some ‘funny’ money and announce to the team how they can earn each $ amount. For example, each closed deal earns them $500 of ‘funny’ money or for SDRs each 5 appointments earns them $500.  You should also hand some to the managers to pass out for exceptional performance.

This contest can be team and individual. To layer in the team component, base your prizes on the total performance. Let’s say:

Under 100% = $500 Total Prize Value

100% = $1000 Total Prize Value

110% = $2500 Total Prize Value

On Auction day you will want to number the prizes and send a list to the team. Ask a fast talking Sales Manager to be the auctioneer. If you’d like to order bid paddles up front with your logo sites like 4imprint.com have them. You could even tape a plastic knife to the back of a paper plate.

Action Boards

Time to prepare: 15 minutes

Duration of Contest: 1 day+

Number of Prizes: 15+

Label the top of a poster board with the name of the action you are rewarding. Let’s say “Closed Deals”. Now print out on paper a page for each prize you are giving out. Stuff each prize into an envelope. Seal the envelope and tape it to the board.

When a rep Closes a deal they can go up to the board and take a prize! That’s it! These work well when you are trying to create urgency as when the prizes are gone, they’re gone.

Good Luck!

Contests are a great way to fuel your Sales team. As a contest participant these prizes can really add up and increase your earning potential! When interviewing for a sales position you may consider asking what contests and activities the Sales team runs throughout the year.

And don’t forget— when you win a contest add it to your private portal on www.salestread.com

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