You are a Sales Professional.  Someone who is relentless, tough and determined.  You’re measured in more ways than you can count and are held accountable for everything.  There is no clocking in and out—you’re reading, networking and thinking through deals 24/7/365.  This profession requires grind, constant learning and the ability to juggle multiple priorities.  What do you sometimes forget to do?  Track your results personally to prepare you for that next big opportunity.

So who are we?  We’re your new side kick— following you through every company, position and achievement.  The platform that will allow you to track your journey from “afraid of someone picking up the phone” to “drop the mic — biggest deal ever sold”.   Salestread is your online, private, professional portfolio.   We’ve got you covered with monthly reminders to update your results. Tracking your results has never been easier.  We’ve created logical sections for you to track your Sales (targets & actuals), Awards, Achievements, Notes and upload files.

Salestread was built by Sales Professionals for Sales Professionals.  We believe that you deserve to have your results available to you with the click of a button.   We want you to be ready when your dream job opens, first in line for an internal promotion and prepared when an unforeseen layoff hits hard.

Track. Compare. Gain.

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  • Track Yearly Sales Results
  • Add 5 Achievements
  • Add Awards
  • Add Notes
  • Upload Files


$10/Month or $99/ Year

  • 10 files 5mb upload limit
  • Track Sales Results any timeframe
  • Add Awards
  • Add Notes
  • Add unlimited Achievements


$20/Month or $179/Year

  • 30 files 15mb upload limit
  • Track Sales Results any timeframe
  • Add Awards
  • Add Notes
  • Add unlimited Achievements


“As a VP of Sales, I strongly recommend that every Sales Professional keep track of their performance. Sales organizations change quickly and having access to your results can become difficult. Salestread provides us with an easy, cost-effective and fun way to do it.” .



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