The Salestread Portal

The Salestread Portal

Once you’ve created your private profile on Salestread, you’ll have access to your personal portal.   You can access your portal on your phone or computer!

The portal is separated into sections to help you organize your notes as a Sales Professional.


Your profile holds information about who you are, where you work and is where you can update your Profile Picture.  Check out the Edit section where you can input your goals, how you heard about us and your company information.   Salestread will be updated with a “compare” section in the future where you can compare yourself anonymously against others in our database and the information from your profile will be important.


The Sales section is where you can track your results.  Simply hit “Add Sales” and you’ll be prompted to enter the timeframe, target and actual.  We’ll calculate your % to goal based on what you input.  If your target is a %, let’s say a conversion rate %, enter as a whole number.  For example if your conversion rate goal is 50%, and you did 50% you would enter a target of 50 and actual of 50 for the timeframe.  The system will update your % to goal as 100%.


You can add Files as part of the Pro and Elite versions.  Some you may want to consider are email templates that you’ve created, commission plans you are on or emails from customers thanking you for excellent service.  Once files are uploaded you can download or delete at any time.


Think of Awards as anything that someone else has recognized you for.  Examples would include promotions you receive, contests you have won, President’s Club, top rep and Teamwork recognition.  Many Sales Pros receive awards monthly but don’t keep track and these can really add up to show your contributions to the team!


This section was created so that you could keep track of your professional development.  As a Sales Pro you may listen to podcasts, read books or attend training.  As you continue to build your knowledge in this profession you should keep track of what you’ve done to grow and add notes about what you learned.


Salestread allows you to add notes that may help you in the future.  Let’s say you won a deal and want to remember the details as it would be great to have as a reference during an interview…. add into your notes section and keep it forever.  Notes can be edited/deleted at any time.


Once you’ve compiled your portfolio you’ll want an easy way to export it.  The results section summarizes your information and is exportable to Excel.  Whether you’re preparing for a review or compiling your resume… this will save you a ton of time!


Salestread will email you reminders to log in and update your results for the previous month.  If you have any recommendations on the portal you can email anytime!



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